Literature screening tool designed for pharmacovigilance professionals.


A Suitable Solution for PV Experts

PVSEARCH is a validated data management system, developed by Owlpharma Consulting Lda., for pharmacovigilance professionals. It’s a software as a service (SaaS), intended to support the medical literature screening activity.

PVSEARCH design concept defines it as a scientific literature repository connected to a robust search engine. The search engine is configurable with predefined inputs, which allows our clients to identify their required search terms.

For us, it was essential to design a solution that fits GVP requirements and experts needs. A solid development process, sustained by a validation according to industry requirements, led to a a reliable tool.

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Value proposition

Our gained experience in pharmacovigilance was the key to PVSEARCH added value

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Automated Process

Our Clients can create their own queries. The queries are words, grouped in search terms, which are allied by the use of Boolean operators. The queries are automatically screened in the scientific literature database according to the frequency and period range set by the Client. This process ensures reliable and robust systematic searches.

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Robust Queries

Substances can have different written variances, including non standard ones! PVSEARCH ensures our Clients can include, in their queries, their own created words, while also using the list of common terms available on the system database. 

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Publication Database

PVSEARCH database includes an exhaustive number of relevant local publications. This includes journals, sites, newsletters, congress publications, covering Human and Veterinary Health, published in Portugal. Our procedures demand a frequent check on relevant Health Societies, Health Authorities and Health Sites, to identify any new relevant publications to be included in our Database. This ensures the information covered is continuously updated. 

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Selection of
Relevant Publications

Our Clients are able to select the publications they want to include in their periodic searches. Details on the publications are presented, including if they are indexed to International Databases. This feature allows Clients to better adjust the screened publications to their products profile, by selecting publications relevant for the product therapeutic area and avoiding results duplication resulting from searches performed in International Databases.

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Flexible Frequencies

Our Clients can set up a weekly, monthly our quarterly automated search. Additionally, they can perform retrospective searches in the database. Our experience says that clients need search frequencies aligned with theirs search strategy, PVSEARCH allows that.

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Ad-Hoc Searches

PVSEARCH allows add hoc searches on its publication database. Add hoc searches can include any word or query for a defined period. This feature is relevant for the production of product aggregate reports or signal detection activities.

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Email Notifications

Search results reports are automatically sent to the user-defined email address. The reports include all data required to ensure a compliant literature search process: date of search; period covered; publications available during the period; searched queries; number of hits per query; word identified; information on the publication were the hit was found; and list of queries without results.

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Reports Archive

All the generated reports will also be available on the client’s dedicated area of PVSEARCH. This way all relevant information is archived in the system.

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Validated Tools

PVSEARCH is a validated system. The system development followed the state-of-the-art requirements, including all applicable qualification steps. The validation process covered all relevant steps of the system life cycle, demonstrating that PVSEARCH version 2.0 is suited for its intended purpose and in compliance with applicable GxP requirements. PVSEARCH validation documentation can be consulted by our Clients and is readily available for any audit or inspection.